Speed up your interior design workflow. Generate photo-realistic rendering in minutes 

Easy-to-use floor plan tool | Render-ready model library Lightning-fast rendering speed 

Coohom is the all-in-one interior design platform

2D/3D Floor Plan

3D Decor

Fast Rendering

720-Tour Walk-through

Draw an enclosed space or import an image or CAD file

Choose from 75,000+ 3D models to use in your design or upload your own!

Render professional images in 4K resolution in under 60 seconds.

Piece together panoramas to make a full walk-through.

About Coohom

Coohom is an all-in-one platform for home design & architecture. Simply start a floorplan, drag & drop 3D decors or upload your own models, customize scene, change environment and render in minutes like no other. No hardware required, let our powerful ExaCloud™ engine do the rendering job for you in less than 60 seconds!


Used by over 4M interior designers worldwide

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Coohom is packed with design features to streamline your process. 


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2D & 3D Floor Plan

Digital Asset library

Photo-realistic Cloud-rendering

BIM empowered construction drawing

AI Assisted Design Tool

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User Stories

Bronika Carter

Interior Designer


Coohom has sped up my 3D visual presentation time. I not longer have to use two different programs. Coohom does it all and renders in seconds. The other great thing is it's a cloud based program so my computer isn't running slow all day either.


Grace Kemi

Interior Designer


Coohom has given me the ability to show clients what their space can potential look like through visualisations.


Abbi McKeown

Interior Designer


The 4K renderings are so realistic that it is so easy to see when a design is not cohesive and I can keep tweaking a taking new images until I am happy with the final design.


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